Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chasing Rabbits

Hi Lovelies!

Rabbits are so adorable, but it wasn't until I got mine that I started obsessing a bit and wanted to get stuff that resembled my bun. 
This post will be all about bunnies! well, bunny stuff I have...

Rabbit shaped bowl from Target where I store my rings

Necklaces and earrings from Forever 21

"Bunny Blossom" protective skin from Gelaskins.*
The bun, Hurley:

Have a great day! 

*"Bunny Blossom" skin provided by Gelaskins for my review on


  1. Adorable <3 I recently had to give my rabbit Snickers (I believe you saw my post on him) to a friend because my boyfriend and I got a dog :( I miss him so much!

  2. Thanks!!
    Oh no! Awww I thought you still had Snickers.
    Give him a big hug when you get to see him :)

  3. I love this post. So cute is that rabbit x