Monday, July 26, 2010

KleanColor Nails

Another Nail Post!

I went to buy some stuff to make some delicious hamburgers, and ended up getting a couple of Nail Polishes as well. Kinda funny to buy nail polish where you buy food, but oh well :)

I picked up 2 colors from a brand called KleanColor, which i sa very inexpensive brand, ($0.99 each) which I have also got some eyeshadow palettes awhile ago which I will show later on.
Anyways, Here is the first color is Pink, which is a very bright pink color.

Next color is Pearl Beige, which is a gorgeous peachy-beige, with a hint of shimmer and a bit of pink.

These KleanColor nail lacquers are very easy to apply, the only thing is that the smell is pretty strong, but it fades away once the polish has dried.
I think that these colors are gorgeous, and might be looking into buying some more colors. :)