Friday, October 14, 2011

Pretty Pretty Paint Pots and Pigments

MAC Paint Pots and Pigments are pretty new to me, before when I went to a MAC store I would usually just swatch a few and that's it, I would immediately turn to pressed powder eyeshadows.

At first I hesitated committing into buying a full jar of pigment just because I thought that they would be such a mess to use and my somewhat clumsy self was afraid of dropping one and spilling all over.

But every time I would swatch pigments, specially Naked and Melon, it always left with me wanting to purchase them on the spot. But it took some time and lots and lots of thinking until I finally got them both and I am so glad I did.
Naked is a gorgeous nude with a subtle shimmer, I've used it as a lid color and highlight on my cheekbones.
Melon is peachy golden goodness in a jar, I absolutely love this pigment.
Next up is Paint pots
The first one I purchased was Rubenesque, a beautiful golden peach.

Nubile is the newest one I got when it came out with MAC's Posh Paradise collection. Before Nubile was released I was thinking of getting Painterly, which is a beige-nude, but as soon as I read the description of Nubile (peachy nude) I immediately was looking forward to get it.
Sure enough, I went to MAC, swatched it and loved it.

So now that I've gotten a chance to use pigments and paint pots, I am looking forward to getting another one on my list: Indianwood Paint Pot and maybe Pink Bronze Pigment.
One that I really really really want to see again is Coral Crepe, I keep hoping one day either I find it at a CCO or see it re-promoted.
My collection of pigments and paint pots is growing more and more along with my love for them.