Monday, April 11, 2011

Unexpected Makeup Shopping

Hi Lovelies!

Last Thursday my hubby took me for some makeup shopping, which I did not expect at all :p
We went to Kmart and I really didn't expect to get a lot, but I was so surprised of everything that I purchased.

I remember Kmart didn't have great makeup selection, well at least not the one in my area. But lately I've been very happy with what they have. Before Thursday the only place i could find E.L.F cosmetics, besides their website, is Target; so when I noticed the large display i quickly checked it out
Here's the stuff I got from E.L.F.:
I got 2 brushes, the Eyeshadow C Brush, the Blush Brush and a blush in Peachy Keen.($3.00 each)
Next from Wet n Wild some trios in Silent Treatment, I'm Getting Sunburned, and I Got Good Jeans ($1.99 each)

I also got 2 singles: Penny and Nutty ($1.99 each)

Next up are products from Maybelline:

(counter-clockwise from upper left corner) 
 Stylish Smokes: Natural Smokes
Modern Metallics: Chai Latte
Modern Metallics: Sunlit Bronze
Chic Naturals: Tastefully Taupe

I got 3 quads and 1 single on a BOGO 50% off, the Quads were $5.99 each, single $3.49; but with the BOGO sale I got 2 quads at $5.99 another quad for $3.00 and the single for $1.75
Next up, is the Carbon Black Lineur Intense felt tip applicator, which I've heard good things about and looking forward to use it and compare to the brush applicator one I already have. ($7.99)
And lastly, I got 2 eyeliners from the Clearance bins: Revlon Luxurious Color Eyeliner in Antiqued Gold, and Almay Blendable Eye Pencil in Navy. I don't remember the original price, but i got the Revlon eyeliner for $2.37 and Almay at $1.79.

I spent total of around $51.00 with tax, which is not bad at all for all that I got. Hubby was impressed of all the stuff I got too hehe.

So after this mini "shopping spree", I bought the UD Rollergirl palette on Friday, and I'm putting myself on a  Makeup No Buy, my goal is a month...let's see how it goes :)

Happy Monday!