Thursday, October 20, 2011

More goodies!

Hi there!

I went to visit my local CCO on Sunday and brought me home some goodies!
When I walked in I immediately headed to the MAC section, but not without getting sidetracked by a Bobbi Brown product that I will mention at the end.
Anyway, I looked at paint pots and  the one that caught my attention was Let Me Pop, which was limited edition for the Cham-Pale collection last year.

Really don't know how to describe this shade, it's kinda light copper-ish with micro-shimmers (they seem like copper, silver a hint of gold)

Next up is my very first Clinique product, an eyeshadow duo "Posh Squash"

This duo has a peach and brown shade that complement each other so nicely.

Lastly, the product I was the most giddy about, and is my also very first Bobbi Brown product:
Behold! Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact "Copper Diamond"

It's a combination of shades that give an absolute beautiful glow. Of all the strips in the compact only the 4th one down looks the most coppery, the rest have more of a champagne-beige-bronze.
I can't seem to stop using it since I got it.

Have a fabulous day!