Saturday, August 18, 2012

Inglot Collection Pt 2

Hey lovelies!
Here's the second part of my Inglot eyeshadow collection:
Bottom Left (Pearl 451) / Top Right (Pearl 428) 
Left (Pearl 451) / Right (Pearl 428) 
Bottom Left (Pearl 418) / Top Right (Pearl 446) 
Left (Pearl 418) / Right (Pearl 446)  These two shades featured here
Bottom Left (AMC Shine 15) / Top Right (Pearl 407) 
Left (AMC Shine 15) / Right (Pearl 407) 

I absolutely adore Inglot eyeshadows, their texture is buttery smooth, with great color payoff at an amazing price.
I do wish that they add more shades, specially in the Pearl finish, which is my favorite.

There you go ladies, thanks for letting me share my growing addiction to Inglot eyeshadows.


Friday, August 17, 2012

My Inglot Collection Pt 1

Hey there!

I was so excited when I found out last October that an Inglot counter opened up inside a Macy's fairly close to me, and ever since I've been loving Inglot eyeshadows.
I choose to keep my eyeshadows in the duo palettes, but I do have a 3 pan palette shown below:

 Bottom Left (Pearl 422)/Middle (Pearl 606)/ Top Right (AMC Shine 43) 

 From left to right: Pearl 422/ Pearl 606/ AMC Shine 43

Next up the duos:
Bottom Left (Pearl 405) / Top Right (Pearl 406)
Left (Pearl 405) / Right (Pearl 406)

 Bottom Left (Pearl 421) / Top Right (Pearl 409)

Left (Pearl 421) / Right (Pearl 409)

 Bottom Left (Pearl 423) / Top Right (Pearl 402)
Left (Pearl 423) / Right (Pearl 402)
 Bottom Left (AMC Shine 31) / Top Right (AMC Shine 11)

 Left (AMC Shine 31) / Right (AMC Shine 11)
The texture of the eyeshadows is amazing and the color payoff is unbelievable! And the best part, they're inexpensive.

Check out the second part of my Inglot stash here!

Thanks for reading,