Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Found a Substitute

Hi there!
I found substitutes for a couple of my favorite MAC eyeshadows, Humid and Nocturnelle.
 Inglot Pearl 446 replaced Nocturnelle, even though they're not identical, they're pretty darn close.
Close enough for me to completely forget about repurchasing Nocturnelle.

Left to Right: Inglot 446 / MAC Nocturnelle
Now on to Humid's replacement, Inglot Pearl 418
Left to Right: Inglot Pearl 418 / MAC Humid
Again, they're not identical, but they're close enough for me to replace.

The reason why I replaced Humid and Nocturnelle is because after having them for a few years, I noticed my eyes got itchy when I used them, specially on my lower lash line.

By the way, I will soon do a post on all eyeshadows I have purchased from Inglot.

Thanks for reading!