Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm not clumsy I swear!

Hi Lovelies!

So I am in love with this nail combo: Sephora by O.P.I. Traffic Stopper Copper and Revlon Copper Penny.

I absolutely love these two nail polishes, but sadly there was an incident were Traffic Stopper Copper was involved...

I was taking pictures of my 3 glitter nail polishes, when all of the sudden this one decides to take a dive onto the kitchen floor...kinda. The background I use to take my pictures was not very stable and it started slipping, I was only able to save 2 out of the 3 nail polishes.
After a loud gasp and some curse words that I won't write here, I saw the mess on the kitchen floor and some on the carpet; luckily I was able to get it out the carpet with no stains.

Next stop Sephora to get a new one :p



  1. What a nice combo! It's so sad that the bottle broke due to photos =( I spilled nail polish onto a rug once, and wasn't able to get it completely out!

  2. Thank you! I know I was so mad it broke.
    It also happened to me once before, and wasn't able to get it out completely either, it was a bright pink nail polish and the carpet was almost white..oops lol
    Oh no! Fingers crossed it doesn't happen to either one of us again :p