Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Paradise

Hey Lovelies!

As I mentioned on my previous post, I only got 1 item of MAC's Surf Baby collection.

My Paradise cheek powder is a gorgeous peachy coral with a gold hibiscus overspray. 
 With flash

 Natural light

I love the packaging, an off-white case with a hint of shimmer, I'm not crazy about the logo on the lid, I think it hides the beautiful gold hibiscus a bit, but once I open it...hello gorgeous! :)

 Left to right: blush / gold overspray / mixed together

The gold hibiscus overspray is indeed a thick layer that won't wear off on the first swipe, I rubbed off a bit of one of the petals and it did take me a bit to do so.

This is a gorgeous blush!
Just for fun, I compared swatches of other coral blushes I own:

Left to Right: My Paradise, Tarte Tipsy, Illamasqua Excite, Milani Mai Tai



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