Friday, December 10, 2010

Target Avon/Mark Haul Part 2

Hi again!

Here's the second part of my 'little' haul, next up is Avon and Mark.
Got these 2 eyeshadow quads from the Avon True Color line.

 This is Earth Tones
 This one is Island Breeze
 I do have other quads, I think I will post an Avon collection or something showing the ones i have and telling you which are my faves. :)
Next are my first mineral blushes from the Smooth Minerals line

 This is Hearty Peach (my fave) a very peachy color
 And Blushed, love the color, it's kinda like a dusty pink or a dirty pink
 And lastly the Blusher/Bronzer Brush from Mark, which I actually like to use for my foundation application,

So there you go, my"little' haul, I will probably do a review on these soon.
I think I'm going to be a good girl and not get any makeup products for the rest of the year...good thing the year is almost over hehe :p

have a great day!

Betty :)

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