Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pink Saphire or better yet...3DS Pink!

Hi there!

I'm going to do an updated post on more L'oreal Infallible eyeshadows that I've picked up lately, but first I want to show this oh so pretty shade.
This shade, along with Gleaming Bronze (which I will show in a later post), I saw on a separate display, as part of their Summer Collection.
As soon as I saw it, I knew it reminded me of something, but didn't confirm it until I got home.
This shade is a metallic rose with a bit of a frost; it's very unique and I have nothing similar in my makeup stash. I have to admit I usually stay away from pink eyeshadows, but this one for some reason was telling me "oh I'm so pretty take me with you!"...yup that was weird.
Anyway, I bought it and I just couldn't stop admiring how beautiful the shade is, unfortunately I'm afraid it's not going to be used very much since I can't seem to make it work for me so far.

What I am amazed by is that it's almost the exact color as my Nintendo 3DS

Oh well, I'll keep trying to use with different bases, most likely a few paint pots to see if I have success.
Hey if all else fails, I'll just have it as eye candy in my makeup stash.

Thanks for reading!



  1. These eyeshadows are lovely! I have one in Hourglass beige and it is a beautiful champagne color.. I also use it as a highlight on my brow bone!

    Nice blog;)

    1. They are! I'm loving all the different shades too. Oooh I love champagne shades!

      Thanks! :)

  2. I love the texture of the infallibles! What an unexpected comparison... to a Nintendo DS :P

  3. I know right! They're amazing!
    I love makeup and video games, so for once probably I was able to showcase them together making sense somehow, at least for color purposes :P

  4. Ahhh I gotta show this to the boy! He's a massive gamer!

    Thanks for the review! I tend to not go for pink but at that price, it might be worth giving it a go! :)

    1. Nice!
      That's one of the reasons I got it, very inexpensive with amazing quality :)