Friday, June 24, 2011

Bright Nails & Coffee


Here are some random pictures of two weekends ago going to one of our Fanboygaming tournaments at the Microsoft Store in San Diego.

I wore Maybelline's nail polish in Coraliscious, super bright coral!

Fashion Valley Mall, see if you can spot Sephora ;)

I usually make a detour to Sephora and MAC and come back with hands full of swatches. I'm on a makeup no-buy right now, but that doesn't stop me from going and stare at all the pretty makeup, it's not weird right? hehe

I can't help but stop by Starbucks to get a drink
Usually I get a Java Chip Frappuchino, yup drinking coffee at 9 pm always keeps me up all night.

Random image driving around downtown.



  1. Sharing the love with you on my latest blog post!

  2. Love that polish color, and it looks great on you! I know, even if I'm not buying anything I still love going into MAC and Sephora just to play! It's like dress-up for makeup addicts ;)

  3. Thank you Danielle!
    It's so bright, perfect for summer.
    It is just like dress-up! ah the life of a makeup addict :)