Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pond's (updated)

Hey there!

I'm going to show you which are my favorite Makeup removal and moisturizing face cream.
First, is the makeup removing cream which is the C cream( green ) which i love to use to remove my makeup, it's not oily and it works great specially with waterproof mascara.

Lets move on to the moisturizing cream which is the S cream (blue) this cream also works great to keep my face and neck moisturized. I use it after i wash my face at night and in the morning before applying my makeup, this cream is also not oily.

Oh I also use the makeup removal wipes that Pond's released not that long ago, they work great!

Both creams have great consistency, and they have a great fresh scent. I use these creams, not just because they work great, but because my mom has used them for a long time now and it keeps her skin great.

May Update: I am still currently using  the C cream as my makeup remover, specially for waterproof mascara, but I do find both creams a tiny bit oily. This doesn't bother me really, at least only with the C cream, since every time I use it to remove my makeup I wash my face right after, so any oily feeling doesn't stay on my face.

I noticed that I reached more for the S cream when my skin was very dry, but for now I have switched moisturizer, and towelettes, I'm trying out other products  :)


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